We hate visible wire and cable!

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With all the different components that are in most homes like cable/satellite boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles and sound systems it is very easy to quickly end up with a rat’s nest of cables and wires.  Often people will simply not mount a TV and prop it up stand resting on a piece of furniture just to conceal the wiring.  We dislike this for a number of reasons.  First, a TV on a stand is rarely at the optimal viewing height and angle.  Second, often the furniture the TV rests on is big and bulky and just takes up space.  Lastly, it just hurts our eyes to see exposed cabling and wire.

We can take care of those unsightly exposed wires and cables by mounting the TV to the wall on a good tilting low profile mount and run the cables and wires in the wall.

The photo above is a good example where we hung the TV (50 inch Samsung Plasma), concealed the power and component cables in the wall from the TV to the credenza.  All components are nicely stored and concealed within the credenza.  The wife loved it!

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